Viisi joululaulua / Five Christmas Songs op 1 — Voice/piano

Sibelius, Jean
Title: Viisi joululaulua / Five Christmas Songs op 1 — Voice/piano
Authors: Sibelius, Jean (Composer)
Product number: M042063538
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Publ. product code: M042063538
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 1999
Language: many languages, English, Finnish
Product family: Vocal works
Christmas music: voice(s) and keyboard instrument
Finnish library classification: 78.322 Yksinlaulu pianon tai muun sointusoittimen säestyksellä
Under the heading of opus 1 Sibelius grouped together five Christmas carols for voice and piano, written between 1895 and 1913. In this edition the texts are in Finnish and English (Joulupukki kolkuttaa / Now Stands Yule at the Snow Gate - Jo on joulu täällä / Now Is Christmas Coming - Jo joutuu ilta / Christmas Carol - En etsi valtaa loistoa / Christmas Song - On hanget korkeat nietokset / The Shining Snows Are Driven High).

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