Quint-essence — Saxophone quartet/percussion : Score

Bergman, Erik
Nimeke: Quint-essence — Saxophone quartet/percussion : Score
Tekijät: Bergman, Erik (Säveltäjä)
Tuotetunnus: 9790042084298
Tuotemuoto: Nuotti
Saatavuus: Toimitusaika 7-16 päivää
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Kustantaja: Fennica Gehrman
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Kieli: määrittämätön
Tuoteryhmät: Kamarimusiikki
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This two-movement work, inspired bythe skills of the Rascher Quartet, is conceived as a constant interplay between four saxophones and a single percussionist. Bright percussion timbres such as vibraphone, campane, crotales and tambourine are used to complement the soloistic, contrapuntal character of the saxwriting. Meditative and virtuosic passages alternate and seemingly contradictory forces are reconciled. The melancholy and grotesque, the lyrical and dramatic all find expression here.