String quartet no. 4 - Score & parts

Aho, Kalevi
Nimeke: String quartet no. 4 - Score & parts
Tekijät: Aho, Kalevi (Säveltäjä)
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Tuotemuoto: Nuotti
Saatavuus: Toimitusaika 7-16 päivää
Ilmestymispäivä: 7.9.2023
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Kustantaja: Fennica Gehrman
Painos: 2023
Julkaisuvuosi: 2023
Kieli: englanti, suomi
Sivumäärä: 85
Tuoteryhmät: Kamarimusiikki
Jousikvartetot, muut jousikokoonpanot
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Avainsanat: jousikvartetot, kamarimusiikki
Lasting 27 minutes, Kalevi Aho's String quartet no. 4 (2021) is in four movements. The first, Nocturne, begins with a hazily muted melody dominated by the interval of a minor third on the second violin. Though the first movement begins in nocturnal mood, there is also some more forceful music around the middle. The second movement, Allegro capriccioso, is quick with quirky rhythms. At times tempestuous, it faces the players with the biggest technical and virtuoso challenges. The following Largo is slow. A couple of times in the first half it is dominated by soft, mysterious harmonies. The tempo marking of the virtuosic closing movement is Presto, leggiore. The movement begins with quick, flickering, will-o'-the-wisp-like music. It later builds up to an extremely violent climax dominated by tremolo figures on the second violin and thick chords on the other instruments. The flickering music of the beginning returns at the end, before dissolving into silence.

This product includes the full score (A4) and the parts (B4).