Suite for cello and string orchestra (1967) (PDF) - Solo part & piano reduction

Yagling, Victoria; Leonovich, Yuriy
Nimeke: Suite for cello and string orchestra (1967) (PDF) - Solo part & piano reduction
Tekijät: Yagling, Victoria (Säveltäjä)
Leonovich, Yuriy (Sovittaja)
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Downloadable and printable PDF edition. Victoria Yagling's Suite for Cello and String Orchestra (1967) is one of her first successes as a composer. The movement layout of the Suite is fast-slow-fast-slow. The first movement, Toccata, is a perpetual motion with a brisk tempo of 100 per dotted half. The Aria is reminiscent of Rachmaninov's Vocalise melody and Prokofiev's tonal language. This movement is the centerpiece of the Suite. The Humoresque is closely connected in style and motives to the March and Aria movements from Boris Tchaikovsky's Suite for Cello Solo. Mostly homophonic Finale plays with bitonality and contains several circle-of-fifth sequences.

This product is is the reduction for violoncello and piano by prof. Yuriy Leonovich. Orchestral material available on hire from the publisher. Stydy score with solo part is available for sale (ISMN 9790550116436).

Victoria Yagling (1946−2011) was born in Russia and lived in Finland since 1990. Her long career as a cellist served as an excellent accompaniment to the composition she began at an early age. For 11 years she was a cello student of Mstislav Rostropovich at the Moscow Conservatory and Dmitry Kabalevsky and Tikhon Khrennikov taught her composition.

Yagling won the first prize in the Gaspar Cassadò Cello Competition and the following year the second prize in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition. Her solo engagements took her to countless countries. She has also taught at several international music courses and master classes and was often a jury member for international cello competitions.

Yagling left a profilic oeuvre, and the three cello concertos are her main works. Her other orchestral works include Finnish Notebook, Lyrical Preludes and the Suite for Cello and String Orchestra. She has also composed solo works (e.g. the Suite for Cello Solo No. 1 chosen as an obligatory piece for the 7th Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1982), chamber works, including two string quartets, and vocal music. Her expressive, romantically orientated style is Russian in spirit and has grown out of the soil provided by Prokofiev and Shostakovich.