Élégie for accordion

Mäntysaari, Lauri
Title: Élégie for accordion
Authors: Mäntysaari, Lauri (Composer)
Product number: 9790550118973
Product form: Sheet music
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Publication date: 19.12.2023
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2023
Publication year: 2023
Language: English
Pages: 13
Product family: Other instruments
Finnish library classification: 78.66 Harmonikka
Key words: harmonikka, Notre-Dame
Lauri Mäntysaari's solo accordion work Élégie (2020-2021) was forming into a serene, melancholic passacaglia, when the devastating news shocked the world: the iconic church of Notre-Dame was on fire. The composer decided to reform the plan for his work, going through purgatory towards a distant reminiscence of the earliest example of European musical polyhphony, first hear in Notre-Dame over 900 years ago: Vidrunt omnes by Perotin.

Duration: 10'

Lauri Mäntysaari (b. 1982 Helsinki) is known for his wide variety of composing for different media. His output consists of orchestral works, music for instrumental ensemble, solo works, songs and choir music. His works have been performed widely in Finland, but also in eg. Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Austria and Canada. Mäntysaari's works have recently gained success in international competitions in Italy and The Netherlands.

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