Aino — Opera : Piano score

Melartin, Erkki
Title: Aino — Opera : Piano score
Authors: Melartin, Erkki (Composer)
Finne, Jalmari (Sanoittaja)
Product number: M550090767
Product form: Sheet music
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Publ. product code: M550090767
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 1. edition, 2003
Language: Finnish
Pages: 192
Product family: Orchestral & stage works
Operas and other scenic works
Finnish library classification: 78.351 Oopperat
Melartin's Aino (1909) was one of the first great Finnish operas to find a place in the permanent repertoire. His description of it as "a Kalevalaic mystery" says much about the essence of the work, which describes the attempt by Väinämöinen, the great hero of the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, to woo the young Aino, who prefers to end her days rather than marry an old man. The action in Aino is kept to a minimum. Rather, the opera is in the nature of a lyrical meditation on the workings of the mind. As in the Wagner operas, worldviews are more important than characters. In musical idiom the opera is Late Romantic, but it also has Impressionistic overtones. Melartin also made flexible use of Wagnerian Leitmotiv technique. He defined 22 leitmotivs that are connected with the characters in the opera, or with objects, actions, moods and ideas and that maintain the musical coherence.

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