Double Entendre (2015) — For two guitars

Whittall, Matthew
Title: Double Entendre (2015) — For two guitars
Authors: Whittall, Matthew (Composer)
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Product form: Sheet music
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2015
Publication year: 2015
Language: undefined
Pages: 18
Product family: Guitar
Other instruments
Finnish library classification: 78.65 Kitara
The title Double Entendre means a phrase that can be understood in either of two different ways. While common in English, it has no meaning whatsoever in its source language, being a corruption of an old French term that is no longer used. Therefore, in this piece, I decided to translate it literally: "To hear double", and put it into practice as a compositional device in a kind of postminimalist listening/counting game for young musicians.

Beginning with simple, syncopated exchanges of two-note motif in a bell-like harmonics, the piece grows into a more complex and rhythmically tricky back-and-worth, before ending in an upbeat scale study. The two partners share the musical material absolutely equally, there is no challenge given to one that the other can avoid. The aim is for two people to become so closely interconnected that they sound like one.

Ranskankielinen termi "double entendre" kääntyy tässä teoksessa muotoon "kuulla kahtena" . Sävellysteknisesti se ilmenee nuorille muusikoille suunnattuna jälkiminimalistisena kuuntelu/laskentapelinä. Teos alkaa yksinkertaisilla kellomaisilla harmonioilla, ja kasvaa siitä monipuoliseksi sekä rytmisesti haastavaksi pallopeliksi. Kaksi kitaristia ovat tasavertaisia kumppaneita: tavoitteena on, että he kuulostaisivat yhdeltä soittajalta.

Double Entendre on tilausteos musiikkiopisto Juvenalian kamarimusiikkikilpailuihin 2016.

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