Driven (2011) — For Guitar

Vainio, Jennah
Title: Driven (2011) — For Guitar
Authors: Vainio, Jennah (Composer)
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2017
Publication year: 2017
Language: undefined
Pages: 4
Product family: Guitar
Other instruments
Celebrating women composers
Finnish library classification: 78.65 Kitara
Driven for guitar is commissioned by and dedicated to guitar virtuoso Otto Tolonen. The background of the work goes to Jennah Vainio's past as a heavy metal guitarist. Tolonen asked Vainio to write something for him using metal music aesthetics as a basis. The work incorporates heavy riffs in a convincing metalish kind of way - not forgetting the aesthetics of the contemporary classical masters.

Kitarateos Driven on sävelletty ja omistettu kitaravirtuoosi Otto Toloselle. Teoksen taustalla vaikuttaa Jennah Vainion oma tausta hevikitaristina. Tolonen pyysi Vainiolta teosta, jonka pohjana olisi hevimusiikin estetiikka. Teoksessa hevimusiikin kitarariffit kohtaavat modernin konserttimusiikin estetiikan.

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