Illat / Die Abende — Voice/piano

Kokkonen, Joonas
Title: Illat / Die Abende — Voice/piano
Authors: Kokkonen, Joonas (Composer)
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2009
Language: many languages, German, Finnish
Product family: Vocal works
Voice(s) and keyboard instrument
Finnish library classification: 78.322 Yksinlaulu pianon tai muun sointusoittimen säestyksellä
Illat (The Evenings) is a song cycle for soprano and piano. Joonas Kokkonen composed it in 1955 to three poems by Katri Vala (1. Hiljainen, surullinen ilta / Ein stiller, trauriger Abend, 2. Ihana, surullinen ilta / Ein wunderbarer, trauriger Abend, 3. Kevätilta / Frühlingsabend). The texts are in Finnish and in German translation.

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