Metsän kuninkaalle (PDF) - mixed choir

Madetoja, Leevi
Title: Metsän kuninkaalle (PDF) - mixed choir
Authors: Madetoja, Leevi (Composer)
Trad. (Text by)
Product number: 9790550163041
Product form: Digital download, PDF
Availability: After purchase immediately available for download
Publication date: 17.4.2020
Price: 2,60 € (2,36 € vat 0 %)

Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2020
Publication year: 2020
Language: Finnish
Format: PDF
Protection type: Vesileima
Pages: 4
Product family: Mixed choir (download edition)
Mixed choir
Finnish library classification: 78 MUSIIKKI
Sheet music, 2011

3,60 €

Downloadable and printable PDF edition / Ladattava ja itse tulostettava PDF-nuotti.

Leevi Madetoja wrote "Metsän kuninkaalle" for mixed choit to text from Kanteletar.

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