Playing from the Core — A New Method for French Horn (book)

Hyytinen, Tommi
Title: Playing from the Core — A New Method for French Horn (book)
Authors: Hyytinen, Tommi (Author)
Hackston, David (Translator)
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Publ. product code: 9789525489446
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2021
Publication year: 2021
Language: English
Pages: 143
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Other instruments tutors
Etudes, exercises, studies
French horn
Finnish library classification: 78.86 Muut vaskipuhaltimet pianon tai muun sointusoittimen säestyksellä
Key words: pilates, french horn method, Tommi Hyytinen
Playing from the Core is a new method for practicing the French horn.

”I found this book to be an excellent read and have already recommended it to students and colleagues from a variety of backgrounds. I believe it is an essential resource for the 21st century musician and horn player.”

Heidi Lucas, The Horn Call, Journal of the International Horn Society - February 2022

With an in-depth understanding of the traditions and history of French horn technique, Tommi Hyytinen brings new perspectives to instrumental practice by examining the interaction of mind and body and incorporating these insights into his method. The body is perhaps a musician's primary instrument, and it is important to become intimately acquainted with this instrument. A thorough understanding of the body makes many musical and technical challenges easier to overcome.

Hyytinen also provides comprehensive advice on preparing for a performance and on overcoming stage fright. For instance, understanding the physiology of stress and performance-related nerves helps us better to understand nervousness as a natural state. By employing a range of physical and mental exercises, we learn to control nervous reactions and turn them into something that, rather than hindering, can in fact help and improve our performances. In addition to presenting a wealth of factual information and physical exercises, the book contains many informative illustrations, playing exercises, and an etude exploring different aspects of French horn technique.

Through the presentation of information, exercises and examples, Playing from the Core brings students to a realisation that everyone can improve on the technical and musical challenges they face. Tommi Hyytinen is an experienced professional musician and teacher, and he instructs musicians in the holistic use of the body. The exercises presented in the book form part of his own daily practice routine and teaching material.

“Tommi thus manages to explain and show us the benefit of both body and mental exercises in preparation for musical performance. He shares all his wisdom so generously that I have no doubt that all performing artists, especially brass and wind players as well as singers will profit enormously from reading it.” (Radovan Vlatkovic)
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