Six Winter Scenes for two pianos — Kuusi talven kuvaa kahdelle pianolle

Kilpiö, Lauri
Title: Six Winter Scenes for two pianos — Kuusi talven kuvaa kahdelle pianolle
Authors: Kilpiö, Lauri (Composer)
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Product form: Sheet music
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Publication date: 22.11.2023
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2023
Publication year: 2023
Language: English, Finnish
Pages: 47
Product family: Pedagogical material
Pedagogical collections
Chamber music
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Finnish library classification: 78.613 Kaksi tai useampia pianoja
Key words: pianoduot
Lauri Kilpiö's (b. 1974) Six Winter Scenes for two pianos (2022) was commissioned by Joensuu Conservatory. The nostalgic memories and different impressions of winter take the technical abilities of the performers into consideration. The short, hazy movement I Blue Dusk Descends brings the winter. The other move-ments include the bright movement II Echoes in a Snowy Forest, the toccata-style movement III Ride through a Blizzard, the glitteringly impressionistic movement IV Ice Skating on the River, the enigmatic movement V Birds on the Snowdrift, and the energetic movement VI Woken Bear Rock, which brings the spring.

The suite can be performed in its entirety at a time, or it is also possible to perform only individual movements of it. The same piano duo may perform the whole work, or the performers may also change between the movements.

Duration: 14'

Osat / Movements
I Sininen hämärä laskeutuu | Blue Dusk Descends
II Kaiut lumisessa metsässä |Echoes in a Snowy Forest
III Ratsastus läpi pyryn | Ride through a Blizzard
IV Luistelu joella | Ice Skating on the River
V Linnut hangella | Birds on the Snowdrift
VI Heränneen karhun rock | Woken Bear Rock

This product includes one performance score (both piano parts in the same score).

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