String Quartet No. 1 — String quartet : Score

Meriläinen, Usko
Title: String Quartet No. 1 — String quartet : Score
Authors: Meriläinen, Usko (Composer)
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Product form: Sheet music
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
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Product family: String ensembles
Chamber music
Finnish library classification: 78.5132 Neljä jousisoitinta
Usko Meriläinen's first string quartet is a serial work completed in 1965. The ground occupied by the work is closer than ever to the second Viennese school proper. Meriläinen makes a deliberate attempt to break notational taboos. In two places in the second movement - each of about 10 bars - he makes use of time-space notation in a way typical of his work, thereby discarding precisely defined durational relationships.

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