Surumarssi I (Trauermarsch I) - Piano (PDF) — Funeral march I - Piano (PDF)

Kilpinen, Yrjö
Title: Surumarssi I (Trauermarsch I) - Piano (PDF) — Funeral march I - Piano (PDF)
Authors: Kilpinen, Yrjö (Composer)
Product number: 9790550166035
Product form: Digital download, PDF
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Publication date: 14.10.2021
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2021
Publication year: 2021
Language: Finnish
Format: PDF
Protection type: Vesileima
Pages: 2
Product family: Piano
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Piano (download edition)
Finnish library classification: 78.61 Piano
Key words: piano, pianomusiikki, hautajaismusiikki
Downloadable and printable PDF edition / Ladattava ja itse tulostettava PDF-nuotti.

Yrjö Kilpinen (1892-1959) concentrated almost exclusively on the lied - he has composed ca. 800 songs. Performances by well-known singers such as Gerhard Hüsch and Astra Desmond promoted his work abroad, and in Germany where he was seen as continuing the great German lied tradition of Schubert and Wolf, he was particularly popular. Funeral march (Surumarssi I / Trauermarsch I) for piano sounds in f sharp minor.

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