Violin/Cello Rascals (Viuluviikarit/Selloviikarit) 6-7 — Violin or cello/piano : Album

Rossa, László; Szilvay, Géza; Szilvay, Csaba
Title: Violin/Cello Rascals (Viuluviikarit/Selloviikarit) 6-7 — Violin or cello/piano : Album
Authors: Rossa, László (Editor)
Szilvay, Géza (Editor)
Szilvay, Csaba (Author)
Product number: 9790550095557
Product form: Sheet music
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 1. edition, 2008
Language: English
Pages: 124
Product family: Strings
Colourstrings materials
Colourstrings chamber music
Colourstrings, Colour Keys, other related methods
Finnish library classification: 78.71 Viulu
Easy Colourstrings concert pieces previously published in separate albums (revised edition). The violin and cello parts are available as separate booklets.

Colourstrings-esityskappaleita uusintapainoksena. Saatavana erilliset viulu- tai sellostemmat jokaisesta 7 osasta.

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