Violon Scales for Children 2

Szilvay, Géza
Title: Violon Scales for Children 2
Authors: Szilvay, Géza (Author)
Product number: 9790550118690
Product form: Sheet music
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Publication date: 27.6.2024
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2024
Publication year: 2024
Language: English, German, Finnish , Hungarian
Pages: 34
Product family: Pedagogical material
Etudes, exercises, studies
Colourstrings, Colour Keys, other related methods
Colourstrings violin/viola/cello/double bass tutors
Colourstrings materials
Finnish library classification: 78.711 Viulunsoiton opintoaineistoksi tarkoitettu musiikki
Key words: viulu, asteikot, Colourstrings
How to explain to a child, what scales are and why they are played? Géza Szilvay's child-centered scale books start the journey one step at a time, with inner hearing leading the fingers. Alongside the letter names and staff writing of the notes the child gets familiar with their locations on the fingerboard.

Violin Scales for Children 2 acquaints the pupil with chromatically altered notes and with major and natural minor scales based on them. The particularly difficult stopping positions of the fingers are helped by short preparatory exercises.

To facilitate the learning, each page will introduce only one new note. The initial tone of each scale is properly printed; the places of other tones are illustrated with a diagram. This helps the child to concentrate on the learning and writing of the new note and its locating on the fingerboard.

The melodic minor and chromaticism are introduced in the last part of the book, together with the notion of enharmony.

Colourstrings Violin ABC Books E (9790550095434) and F (9790550095441) have relevant chapters about finger patterns and enharmony and our recommended to use alongside with the Violin Scales 2.

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