X'seven for violoncello

Koskelin, Olli
Title: X'seven for violoncello
Authors: Koskelin, Olli (Composer)
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2019
Publication year: 2019
Language: English, many languages, Finnish
Pages: 7
Product family: Violoncello
Finnish library classification: 78.732 Sello ilman säestystä
X'seven (2010/18) is the final piece of a solo cello suite consisting of seven compositions. Each of the seven pieces can be performed individually or detached with another X-composition. Different works are yet to be performed cronologically. The X-works are composed by using the same material viewed at different angles. Their structure can be seen like a film starting several times from the beginning and from the same settings always looked from a new perspective. In the first compositions of X-suite seemingly random fragments join together piece by piece as the work goes on combining one into another organically. The story, tale or plot of the music and the gestures and figures of it transform in a new context but still remain identifiable.

Olli Koskelin's (born 16 April 1955) composi¬tional output reflects a wide range of interests. The vast area covered by his style encompasses the neo-impressionism of the piano work Courbures (1989) to the post-expressionist echoes of his Music for String Quartet (1981) as well as the breakneck virtuosity of his clarinet piece Exalte (1985/1991) and the rich romantic textures of his orchestral piece ... like a planet silently breathing... (1993). He often uses the overtone series like the French spectral composers and avoids dramatic culmination. Soft harmonics, tranquil arching melodies, a leisurely rhythmi¬cal pulse and a coherence of mood are in evidence in his later works as in Uurre (1997) for chamber ensemble, Miniatures (1997) for string quartet and Circles within for 19 solo strings.


X'seven (2010/18) on seitsenosaisen soolosellosarjan viimeinen sävellys. Sarjan jokainen teos voidaan esittää itsenäisenä konserttikappaleena tai yhdessä jonkun toisen X-sävellyksen kanssa. Teokset esitetään aina kronologisessa järjestyksessä.

X-teokset on sävelletty käyttäen samaa materiaalia eri näkökulmista katsoen. Teosten muotorakennetta voi tarkastella kuin elokuvaa, joka alkaa useita kertoja alusta, samasta tilanteesta aina uuden henkilön näkökulmasta. X-sarjan ensimmäisissä sävellyksissä irrallisilta vaikuttaneet fragmentit liittyvät sarjan edetessä toisiaan täydentäen elimellisesti yhteen. Musiikin tarina, kertomus tai juoni, sen eleet ja hahmot muuttuvat uudessa kontekstissa toisiksi, mutta säilyttävät silti tunnistettavuutensa.

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