Yellow Pages of the Colourstrings Violin School - Book III — Basic Bowings

Szilvay, Géza
Title: Yellow Pages of the Colourstrings Violin School - Book III — Basic Bowings
Authors: Szilvay, Géza (Editor)
Product number: 9790550096417
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 123
Product family: Strings
Colourstrings materials
Colourstrings violin/viola/cello/double bass tutors
Colourstrings, Colour Keys, other related methods
Violin tutors
Finnish library classification: 78.711 Viulunsoiton opintoaineistoksi tarkoitettu musiikki
Key words: Colourstrings, Viulukoulut
The title Yellow Pages refers to the yellow telephone directories that list important services! In the same way, the Yellow Pages of the Colourstrings violin school offer specific pedagogical advice to violin teachers and their students. Consisting of introduction, etudes, folk music, excerpts from the literature, chamber music and performance pieces, the three volumes of Yellow Pages are designed to teach and develop the feeling of pulse, to assist in the mastering of all rhythms and their combinations, to explain the function of time signatures, to help build a basic knowledge of ornaments and to create a solid basis for virtuosic bow technique. These books are not only useful for those teachers and students who are working in line with the Colourstrings philosophy: Any string teacher will find the repertoire in these volumes valuable for developmental and remedial purposes.

In order to achieve this, the Yellow Pages provide a large variety of pedagogical material on each subject, from which the teacher can select the most appropriate material to meet the needs of each individual student. All new concepts are introduced in first position, using only the most comfortable finger patterns. This simplicity of the left hand enables the child and the teacher to concentrate on the movements of the bow hand. The teacher is nevertheless invited to add more demanding fingerings to encourage position work if it is appropriate for the student. Volumes E (9790550095434) and F (9790550095441) of the Colourstrings Violin ABC focus on the development of left hand technique, whereas the Yellow Pages focuses on the movements of the bow. It is therefore advisable for teachers to use the Yellow Pages at the same time as Volumes E and F.

The piano accompaniments of the performance pieces of Yellow Pages I, II & III are available as a separate publication: Yellow Pages of the Colourstrings Violin School, Piano Accompaniments (ISMN 9790550110069).

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