Allerheiligentag IV für Viola da gamba (PDF) — Allerheiligentag IV for viol (PDF)

Linjama, Jyrki
Title: Allerheiligentag IV für Viola da gamba (PDF) — Allerheiligentag IV for viol (PDF)
Authors: Linjama, Jyrki (Composer)
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Publication date: 21.4.2022
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2022
Publication year: 2022
Language: English, Finnish
Format: PDF
Protection type: Vesileima
Pages: 6
Product family: Strings
Viol (viola da gamba)
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Other instruments (download edition)
Finnish library classification: 78.73 Sello
Key words: Viola da gamba
Sheet music, 2022
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Downloadable and printable PDF edition / Ladattava ja itse tulostettava PDF-nuotti.

The material for Jyrki Linjama's Allerheiligentag cycle is a Finnish folk chorale for All Saints' Day (no. 146 in the Finnish Hymn Book). The first work in the cycle is a string trio (2007), the second a piece for orchestra (2009), and the fourth and fifth are solo works for viola da gamba (2018) and violin. The composer tells: "The choice of topic and material was originally influenced by the place where the string trio would be premiered - the old church on the island of Seili (Själö) in the Turku archipelago. The bleak history of the mental hospital on the island invited images of suffering and death. I got so attached to the fine, bleak melody that this series of works began to emerge."

Duration: c. 10'

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