Sielunmaisema for cello and string orchestra — Solo part & study score

Martinaitytė, Žibuoklė
Title: Sielunmaisema for cello and string orchestra — Solo part & study score
Authors: Martinaitytė, Žibuoklė (Composer)
Product number: 9790550117921
Product form: Sheet music
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Publication date: 30.9.2022
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Edition: 2022
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Product form description: välissä 20-s. vihko "solo part"
Pages: 56
Product family: Strings
Orchestral & stage works
One solo instrument and orchestra
Finnish library classification: 78.5573 Konsertot sellolle
Key words: sellokonsertot
Žibuoklė Martinaitytė's Sielunmaisema (2019) for cello and string orchestra contemplates the cycle of the year in its movements, which are named Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Sielunmaisema translated from Finnish means a “soul-landscape, a particular place that a person carries deep in the heart and returns to often in memory.” It can be described as a landscape that “hits you in the center of your chest, the one you that immediately feels like home.” The composer tells: "Soul-landscape is related to questions of identity and place which resonate with two parallel cultural identities that I carry within - my native Lithuanian and later acquired American. My physical home keeps changing and the only thing that remains is music. In this case, the piece itself becomes an ideal soul-landscape reflecting a native environment as seen through the prism of four seasons."

BBC Music Magazine (7/2022) praises the CD with Sielunmaisema: ”Her scores similarly appeal to something beyond the immeadately cerebral, creating a vast shimmering landscapes that lead the mind somewhere dream-like and seem to speak directly to the body's senses in arresting and unexpected ways. ”

This product includes the solo cello part and the study score (A4 sized).

Duration: 32-34'
Orchestration (minimum):
6 Violins I
6 Violins II
4 Violas
4 Violoncellos
1 Double bass

The performance material is available for hire from the publisher.

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