Colourstrings Violin ABC (Book E) — Tutor

Szilvay, Géza
Title: Colourstrings Violin ABC (Book E) — Tutor
Authors: Szilvay, Géza (Author)
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Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
Series: Colourstrings
Edition: 2017
Publication year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 167
Product family: Strings
Colourstrings materials
Colourstrings violin/viola/cello/double bass tutors
Colourstrings, Colour Keys, other related methods
Violin tutors
Pedagogical material
Library classification: 78.7107
The two last extensive volumes of the popular Colourstrings violin tutors, Books E and F, include a wealth or repertoire for young violin players.

Suositun Colourstrings-viulukoulun 2 viimeistä osaa sisältävät tuhdin paketin ohjelmistoa opinnoissaan jo hieman edistyneemmille viulisteille.

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